Why do I need a Realtor

Why Do I Need a Realtor

Industry connections, market insight, and other reasons to work with a realtor when selling or buying a home

When it comes to buying a house or putting your home up for sale, working with a real estate agent provides unattainable benefits when you take on these pursuits independently. Sure, you can scroll through page after page of home listings, but when the time comes to purchase or list your home for sale, working with a realtor is essential for optimal results. Finding someone with plenty of experience and references will always yield a better outcome than working with an inexperienced realtor or undertaking this life-altering pursuit yourself. Below are some of the key reasons you need a realtor to sell your property or find your dream home.

They are real estate market savvy.

Navigating your city’s housing market can be quite challenging. Whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, approaching a home sale or purchase requires quite a bit of know-how in this department. A knowledgeable realtor will know the area like the back of their hand and will address the pursuit according to market trends. 


When selling your house, an esteemed real estate agent will help you set a listing price based on a thorough assessment of recent home sales in your immediate neighborhood, AKA comps, market data, and regional knowledge. If your home is priced too high, buyers won’t even glance at your listing. Price too low, and you could be missing out on some major financial gains. Regardless of your neighborhood’s housing market, a real estate agent will be able to guide you through it to ensure you sell or buy accordingly.

They have a network of work associates.

High-profile realtors are well-connected, developing strong work relationships based on trust. These connections are vital, helping realtors know who is transacting within your market and quickly identifying and targeting buyers for sellers or off-market properties for buyers before other agents. Beyond their network, realtors have contacts at City Hall and local industry. This gives you access to the latest news about the region’s top employers' expansion or laying people off, new zoning amendments that will affect the neighborhood in question, and more info to help you proceed with your home sale or purchase.

They have extensive local insight.

Working closely with a realtor with considerable regional knowledge ensures that you get top dollar when selling or the best deal when buying a home. Their ability and know-how extend beyond market trends, giving you the scoop on the particular community you are selling or buying. 

Buyer benefits

You must work with a real estate agent if you’re searching to find your dream home. They will ask you all of the right questions to lead you there, questions you may not even think of when asking yourself what you desire in a new property. With a thorough assessment of your lifestyle, family size, needs, and an array of inquiries, a realtor will help you buy the home of your wildest dreams.

Seller benefits

While you can do your due diligence to determine how to price your home correctly, working with an agent will bring the most traffic to your listing and ensure you get top dollar when selling. Additionally, realtors negotiate the strongest contacts for their sellers, advocating for them through and through.

They care about their clients.

An experienced agent will gladly invest time in building strong relationships with their clients because they see you as more than just a transaction. The real estate world is saturated with discount brokers who treat clientele with little regard or consideration, so shopping around for an exceptional agent is indeed worth your time. An experienced realtor can handle anything thrown at them, putting their heart and soul into every transaction and ensuring you get the results you’re looking for.


If you need an experienced realtor to assist you with buying or selling your home, contact the Randy Martin Team today. 

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